Serving - the Jesus Way

At St. John, we take our cues for serving others from Jesus Christ. Jesus puts the stamp of joy on the whole idea of sharing life. He is the one who, in a single sentence, sums up the value of being available to others: "I came not to be served, but to serve" (Matthew 20:28).

The opportunities for you to serve others and express your faith are more than anyone can count. There's a place for you to serve at St. John. Long-term membership is not a prerequisite for serving. Simply bring your fresh ideas, energy and enthusiasm. Keep your eyes open. Daily you will notice ways to extend a helping hand to your neighbor next door, around the block, or through countless St. John channels.

Voters' Meeting

All members of St. John are encouraged to attend all Voters’ Meetings in order to hear about the life of our community, share success in faith formation and mission endeavors, learn about upcoming challenges, elect new offices, adopt a...

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors functions as representatives of the Voters Assembly, and stewards of the resources of the congregation. They have the power to act on behalf of the congregation between meetings of the Voters’ Assembly. The Board...

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Not Sure Where to Serve?

Reach out to the Church Office if you are unsure where you might serve at St. John Lutheran and within our Plymouth community. 

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Board of Elders

Elders assist the pastors in providing for the spiritual life of the congregation. Through prayer, visitation, fellowship, worship assistance, and care, these men assist the pastors to call on members of the congregation and encourage them...

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School Board

The School Board assists the principal to supervise the education program in the Christian Day School. This board establishes objectives, sets policies, and provides supervision of the operation of the school program. Commitment: School...

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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees provides proper maintenance and repair of church properties. They also provide general protection of the physical assets of the congregation against any loss or damage. Commitment: Trustees are active in...

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Tree of Life Retreat Center Board

The Tree of Life Retreat Center Board oversees all aspects of the Retreat Center. They are responsible for facility condition, functionality and custom programming. The Tree of Life Retreat Center serves small groups for Christian growth retreats...

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Fellowship Action Team

The Fellowship Action Team strives for the proper planning and coordination of larger gatherings at St. John. They promote fellowship and goodwill through activities and opportunities to gather around food. Commitment: The Fellowship Action Team...

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Altar Guild

The Altar Guild takes care of the Chancel, furnishings, communion ware and linens, acolyte vestments, and sets-up and cleans-up for Holy Communion. Women, men, and whole families may serve in the Altar Guild. Small groups of Altar Guild members...

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