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I have a bushel of tomatoes to be canned. I can make juice, salsa, or simply can the tomatoes so I have….canned tomatoes! But it’s the process that is so arduous. The preparation involves sanitizing the jars, lids, and rings. The tomatoes have to be skinned, cut, and either put through a sieve for juice, or just put in a pot to cook with other vegetables. The last part is the need for something to balance the acid. In any canning, an acid is added to sweets, like strawberries, or other fruits. Sugar is added to acidic foods, like tomatoes. Ugh, it’s all a balancing act. Every fruit and vegetable that is canned has its own recipe for successful canning, I guess. And now the canned product is preserved.
The same holds true in marriage. Not every marriage is alike, nor can all be lived the same way. Each person in the relationship needs something different, to be preserved in the marriage. Men need wives to show respect. Wives need love. Ahhh, Love and Respect! A good book by Emerson Eggeriches. But, that’s not all. It’s give and take. It’s you before me. It’s learning how to dance together when we both have two left feet.
Ok, now here’s the key to all this. BIBLE. Yeah, you know that. But….are you applying God’s principles for a good marriage? Are you reading in Proverbs what our words do to each other? You really need a recipe for canning. The bible is the recipe for marriage. You really have to read it to get it right. And when you do…..PRESERVED!!


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We, at St. John, strive to help families stay strong and healthy. Through our marriage ministry, couples have opportunities to be enriched by participating in studies, retreats, or mentoring.
However, we realize that not all marriages survive the trials that we face. Struggles tear us apart. Because of this we also offer DivorceCare for those who are dealing with separation or divorce, or have been divorced and struggling because of it.

DivorceCare divorce recovery seminar and support group will begin meeting on Monday, March 6 here at St. John Lutheran Church in Room 105 (the 2nd Grade Classroom located on the northeast corner of our school.) DivorceCare features nationally recognized experts on divorce and recovery topics. Seminar sessions include “Facing My Anger,” “Facing My Loneliness,” “New Relationships,” “KidCare” and “Forgiveness.”
For more information, contact Cristi Smith, DivorceCare Facilitator, at or contact the church office. There is no fee for this program, and child care can be made available for participants in need. We look forward to helping you in healing through this difficult time.

What Is DivorceCare?


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